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Waha, Idaho

The community is at the foot of Craig Mountain 19 miles SE of Lewiston, on Lake Waha. It started as a stage station established by Charles Faunce in 1882. The post office operated from 1890 to 1965. Waha is believed to be a Native American name meaning, “subterranean water” or “beautiful.” In the 1890s, Lake Waha seemed destined to become one of the west's favored summer resorts. The placid lake, about 2 miles long before its waters were depleted for irrigation purposes, was a beautiful setting for a summer “time-out.” Well-to-do Lewiston families had summer cottages there. Charlie Faunce built his Lake House Hotel with cabins nearby and later built a 2-story building. In spite of a 4 hour trip by wagon from Lewiston, week-ends hummed with activity as dances were held every Saturday night. After the hotel and hall burned in 1926, the area became less popular as a “resort.” Since the mid-1970s Waha has seen an insurgence of growth as year-around homes are built. Waha elevation is 2400'/ 3,440 feet above sea level, T33N R4W sec 9.  

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